Chad Foreman

Chad Foreman: Actor, Bassist, Designer

Hollywood, California

Chad Foreman is an actor with a larger-than-life personality.

Ideal Casting For:

Television Show Host

Game Shows

Reality Television


Anything requiring rich personality


Chad the Actor

Acting to me represents the truest of the arts because your own body and soul are the tools with which you work. Energy is what I bring to the mix. Enthusiasm and charisma are my natural strengths.

Yes I was a class clown in school but I just love to make people laugh. It feels great!

From 1997-2014 I was both a video kayaker and raft guide. Whitewater certainly can be considered to be an entertainment industry!

First goal is to start as a background actor.

After I won The Price is Right back in 2009 I have begun a quest to be a regular game show contestant.

If you want someone with charisma, charm and an enthusiastic personality then cast me for your next game show!

Chad the Bassist

The electric bass is what I play. I love the low end. It just fits my roll in life. Just kind of rocking to the groove.

Bluesy Funk Jam Rock would best describe the style of music I aspire to play. These are my main influences and can be heard throughout so many great artists' work.

Music has always played an important part in my life. At a young age I wanted to be a musician. I started learning the trombone when I was 9 and enjoyed playing in the high school orchestra and the jazz band in college.

The bass clef is not the only thing the trombone and the electric bass have in common. The roll of the trombone in the jazz band or orchestra is so similar to the roll of the electric bass in a rock band. That roll is to keep the rhythm swinging! From one note or one section to the next... just to keep things moving and to represent transitions with runs and fills. Oh yeah.

Chad the Designer

Branding, logos, web site design, print layout, custom fonts, illustration. These are a few of my specialties.

In 2007 I returned to college to learn fine art, graphic design and web design.

Art is something I have always appreciated my entire life. At a young age I learned to appreciate the joy drawing with pencil on paper can bring.

Graphic Design I discovered at the age of 10 when the Columbus Dispatch sponsored a "design an ad" contest. I received an honorable mention award for my efforts but the funnest part of the experience was discovering how enjoyable it was to "design an ad."


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